I breastfeed spontaneously don't look if it makes you uncomfortable

So today I was looking up something about breastfeeding...I don't remember what it was anymore but I came across teaching you're nursling manners...huh never thought of that. Well I wanted to know what other people thought of it and I came across some blogs that talked about breastfeeding manners and breastfeeding etiquette again things I never thought much of. I got pissed off, use a cover, don't just whip out your boob and go sit in the corner. I mean really.

Look I don't want anyone seeing my boobs anymore then you want to see my boobs. But you don't want to hear my screaming baby either because if I let my baby scream while I get my cover find a corner to go sit my fat ass in you'd blog about the ridiculous mom who had a screaming baby and was so inconsiderate to others feelings around her. Its a lose lose for me.

My boobs are my babies food I'm sorry this makes some people uncomfortable, actually I'm not sorry again they are my babies food and I'm proud of it. I'm proud that I know every ingredient going into my babies body. Have you read a formula can? I have and I can't pronounce most of the words on it. Before I say this let me say I bottle fed 3 of my children I have nothing against it. People do it for many reasons. Now let me go on, our bodies naturally make milk to feed a baby just like animals. Why are breastfeeding moms constantly being chastised and told they make people feel uncomfortable. Next time I see a formula feeding mom should I walk up to her and say your bottle makes me uncomfortable please use a cover and sit in the corner. I mean really shouldn't it be that way her body didn't produce the formula, its not natural. Nobody takes the kittens away from their mom and says mommy milk is bad drink this yummy delicious can stuff instead. No we all say aaawww look at those kittens with their momma how precious. OH THATS RIGHT my boobs are sexual the cats aren't. And the saying if you got em flaunt em is OK and appreciated by most guys but if you're breastfeeding go sit in a corner you're gross and I don't care if I get a chance to see your nipple. It still baffles me.

For those who don't know how to react around a breastfeeding mom, let me clue you in. I didn't notice you prebreastfeeding, I didn't notice you noticing my cleavage bearing shirt, too tight pants or short skirts. I notice even less of those around me when it comes to taking care of my baby. I'm more worried about making his crying stop so I don't irritate those around me. I'm more worried about getting him on my boob quickly so I don't make people around me uncomfortable cause I left my nipple for the world to see for to long. I don't notice you period. So why are you noticing me? I get it I have a crying baby everyone has to look because everyone wants me to shut him up, and at this point if you were minding your business instead of being a lookie loo you would never see my sexual forbidden parts come flopping out of my shirt.
Look the bottom line is I try and be discreet, not for anyone else that's for sure, but for myself. Breastfeeding is for me and Boo and a cover separates us. I don't want people seeing my boobs but it happens get over it. You see more boobage in movies then you will ever see from me. Just so you know I don't tell you to stop scratching your balls and ass, or adjusting the boys, picking your nose or getting out of your car with your shirt off and women I don't tell you to put on more clothes, to stop picking wedgies or adjusting your boobs. So I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell me when, where and how to breastfeed.

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