The doctor visit from hell

I prepared the best any mother could prepare I had all the necessities I was doing this alone so I needed to make sure Boo was prepared. I knew taking a baby to my annual pap smear wouldn't be fun but I had no other choice.

We waited in the waiting room forever and luckily Boo made a friend, he was a grandpa looking man who made faces and cheered 20 minutes later when he got a half cocked smile. I was thankful to this man because of him Boo was happy to sit still. But then the man left us and immediately following that Boo was bored so I let him play with my camera he loves watching himself and unknowingly took pictures of himself. He giggled and found himself in the gallery and flicked through all the pictures, he was absolutely amazed.
When it was my turn I had high hopes, I had a plan and Boo was in a good mood. I get back to the exam room put the stroller right next to the bed, disrobed and sat on the bed with the pile of toys. Everything was great the doctor came in and Boo cracked a smile for her. I lay back on the table she grabbed my arm and Boo started screaming like someone was killing him or me. I put my free arm down to comfort him and he wrapped both arms around me with his fiercest death grip. Oh he screamed the whole time, but as soon as she stopped touching me he stopped. Thankfully she was a good sport and just said "boy someone is very protective over his momma." If she only knew, he won't even let daddy touch me.

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