Rules for fathers of sons

1. Love his mother
It is from you that he will learn how to be a husband. Be compassionate when necessary, love with all your heart and respect her. He is watching you every moment, be the kind of husband you want him to be.

2. Teach him to fight
Teach him how to be brave, how to stand up for himself. Wrestle with him, let him show you how strong he is and show him how strong you are. Most importantly teach him when to stand up for himself and when to walk away.

3. Tell him you love him
Tell him all the time that you love him even when you're angry...especially when you're angry.

4. Teach him how to play catch
Because all boys need to learn.

5. Let him wear your clothes
Let him pretend to be you, because there's no one else that his mom wants him to be like.

6. Teach him it's okay to cry
It's okay to teach them to be strong and manly, but they also need to know its okay to cry.

7. Listen
Even when he has nothing to say.

8. Teach him how to work
Let him change the oil, cut the grass and build a birdhouse. Teach him how to get his hands dirty.

9. Teach him to choose his battles
Teach him every battle isn't worth the fight. But without doubt your family is.

10. Talk about sex
Because its just embarrassing coming from mom.

11. Teach him that mom always has the answers
Even if she doesn't

12. Be his hero
You may not be able to fly or climb walls but you are his hero anyway. There's no one better then daddy.

13. Teach him to be a father
Tell him there's nothing better then being his dad, tell him how proud you are to be his father. And hope one day he will be a great father to.

14. Kiss him while he sleeps
One day to soon will you miss being able to give him kisses.

15. Teach him not to settle
Especially with love and motorcycles

16. Teach him to be have fun
They need to learn how to dance in the kitchen in their underwear. How to laugh and love life. They need to know that life can be fun.

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