It won't be long...but not today

Dear Boo,

You turn 10 months old today and I feel sad, you've been walking for two months, you already show such independence that it makes me miss the little boy I gave birth to. I want to rewind and live these ten months over again, I want you to be a newborn again and hit pause and linger in those first few days when you were brand new, I know I'll never get to and I do love you as you are right now. I savor every day with you I linger in it at night after you're long asleep because I know I'll miss it tomorrow. I miss everyday that has passed.

You haven't said your first words yet and I'm in no hurry for you too. Your babbles are to precious to rush. It won't be long when you are talking and I will enjoy that too...but not today.

I love snuggling with you while we sleep, I love even more when you sleep between me and daddy and we all sleep together. It won't be long till you want your own bed...but not today.

I love our bath time together we play with toys you walk all over the tub without fear of falling. You throw your toys out of the tub then you're sad when I can't reach them. Eventually you'll have to stop being scared of being in the tub by yourself. Eventually you'll think mom takes up too much playing room it won't be long that you'll be bathing by yourself...but not today.

You love nursing you throw yourself in my lap and try to lift my shirt and you giggle because you're excited. You want your cuddle time, or your sip and go. It won't be long and you won't breastfeed anymore, one day you won't be my nursling and I'll cry that day...but not today.

One day you'll grow up, one day mommy won't be able to kiss away booboo's, one day before I know it you'll be a handsome little boy. You'll go to school, you'll have friends, playing with mommy won't be fun, and you won't rely on me for everything. I'm not rushing it I'm trying to savor every passing moment, I will never take it for granted because it won't be long till your next milestone to show you're getting older...and thankfully it won't be today.

I love you my precious baby boy to the moon and back.

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