Moms wishes for her children

I hope you will always be filled with love. You have a heart use it. I hope you share that love with others around you. Most people deserve it.

I hope you always remember family comes first. They're the ones who will help you up and dust you off when you fall...and you will fall. And we'll be standing by with ice cream when you do.

I hope you learn to lose graciously and win without bragging. Play to play. Especially in life no one keeps score in life except spoiled brats and you aren't

I hope you get what you want just enough but not enough to make you unappreciative. Respect everything you have.

I hope you realize life is unfair and to live happy anyways. There will always be people who have wealth and things handed to them. There will always be people who have things they don't deserve. Don't let it discourage you.

I hope you dream big, I hope you reach for the stars, I hope you realize you're the only one who sets limits for yourself. You can do anything.

I hope you have fun. Laugh. Live with meaning and live loud. Explore, life isn't about sitting at home watching TV, life is to be lived.

I hope you begin and end every relationship with dignity and honour. Don't leave a relationship because its easy either. People fight deal with it. Don't stay in a relationship because its easier either. You need to know which is the right choice at the end of the day.

I hope you're not a coward, I hope you stand up to bullies, I hope you stand up for someone else who's being bullied, looking the other way is just as bad as being the bully. I hope you're never the bully and if I catch you being the bully I will hold you and let them have a couple gos at you.

For my sons...please never be the creepy old guy chasing around barely legal young girls. Women your age will talk about you and laugh at you and call you the creepy old guy. And if you're in your 50s she's not interested in you cause your hot she wants to know how fat your wallet is.

For my girls...never marry for money. Don't marry a doctor or lawyer because you will be rich. You'll end up being unhappy and having cocktails with breakfast. Marry for love regardless of what their bank account looks like.

I hope you fear just enough to keep you safe. There are fun things in life and stupid please don't do the stupid.

I hope you remember that I'm always here no matter what. I will always love you, regardless of the choices you make. I will love if you're right or wrong, my love is unconditional.

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