Breastfeeding Bliss

The day Boo was born was the scariest day ever, of course it is my most cherished moment, it was just scary for other reasons...breastfeeding to be exact. I kept thinking what if I don't make milk, what if I can't get him to latch, what if I starve him. I never breastfed any of my other children it was strictly bottle where I put formula in and it told me how much they ate. I was terrified about this foreign idea but I made a commitment to Sob that I'd try. The first time Boo latched on I didn't enjoy it I kept wondering is he getting something, is my boob working why can't it beep or something to let me know everything is working how it should. I actually didn't enjoy the first few weeks I was always questioning my body, doubting and wondering.

Almost 9 months later and I feel breastfeeding bliss every time he latches on. I also miss the milk drunk days which seem like forever ago. I love these moments together, I love watching him get excited cause he knows what's coming he helps lift my shirt and is latched on before I'm even situated I call him an impatient booger and he stops and smiles and goes to town. When he falls and cries I'll pick him up and hold him hell tug at my shirt letting me know he wants to nurse, but he doesn't really want to nurse he finds my breast comforting. He latches on searches for my hand he'll bring it close to his face and sit for a few minutes until he feels better.
I have found nothing that I have cherished more. I cherish every moment we nurse. The way he looks at me, him saying mmmm in between gulps how he's learned to stop and spray my milk in his face and then he giggles and does it again. I love feeling his hand on my face when we lay down for sleep. The best part is I love spending the time with him and the unbelievable bond we have. I love all my children dearly but there's something different between Boo and I.

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