Ima slap my neighbor silly

I was reorganizing the freezer today that was my first mistake. I had all the contents sitting on my counter when my precious Boo came in to make sure I was doing a satisfactory job. And his eyes immediately found the ice cream container. He doesn't get ice cream...OK he does but I swear dad started it with me having a cow about it. I picked up the ice cream to put it back and Boo used his banshee scream on me. "No not now" didn't work..."Boo please let me finish just 2 more minutes" was a failure all he cared about was ice cream and he wanted it now. "Fine... You can have your ice cream." Anything as long as it stopped the awful sounds coming from his mouth. While trying to get his spoon of ice cream and begging him to stop that the ice cream was coming I heard a knock at the door and then my neighbor said "what are you doing to that baby" are you flipping kidding me can't you hear I'm preoccupied. "I'm teasing him with his ice cream cause I first had to get it, now I have to tend to the door as he follows me screaming." My neighbor was a bit taken off by my answer but seriously you don't come and knock on someone's door when you hear a baby screaming you'll get to see a pissed off mama that way and if something was wrong you'd know when an ambulance showed up. Boo ended up getting his ice cream finally and sat in the middle of the living room butt bouncing and saying mmmm, his world was perfect once again.

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