The unexplored outdoors

Booboo loves outside, every morning we walk his brothers to the bus stop and Boo looks around quietly and sits in my lap and waits patiently with us. After the bus comes we go back in and he protests loudly with glass breaking banshee type screams immediately followed by boobie and a nap. So today I wait patiently for it to be warm enough to go outside, I got the stroller out which Boo protested loudly to, he wasn't sure what to make of the strange contraption especially after I disappeared once I put him in. But then, we started moving and he sat back and enjoyed the ride. He didn't move an inch, we walked around the block and when we got home I started working in the yard. 3 hours passed before my boobs let me know that Boo was overdue for his feeding, so I thought how wonderful he'd love to eat outside. I was wrong he didn't want nothing to do with it and I got the feeling I was blocking his view of exploring the great outdoors with his eyes. But knowing he needed to eat I brought him inside cause the screaming makes him want comfort. I was wrong, he was pissed and not hungry and wanted back outside. So I ended up staying outside till the boys came home and dealt with my banshee then, and to show me how mad he was at me he refused an afternoon nap, thanks Boo you were joyously pleasant today.

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