Breastfeeding Confessions

My breasts are off limits
They are food now and I don't know where you're hands have been and most importantly you don't share your food so Boo doesn't have to share his.

I don't care who sees my boobs
I'll pull those puppies out no matter where I'm at and I don't care who I flash.

I don't wear a bra...ever
It became to much of a hassle, I like easy access.

I leave my boobs hanging out a lot
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with shirts. I try and be pretty good about checking myself if I'm out of the house or have to answer the door though.

I squeeze my breasts all the time
I forget which side is next, or sometimes when we're out I'll feel them to see if Boo is due for a feeding.

Leakage doesn't bother me anymore
If it bothers anyone else tough titty, its my shirt that's wet and I never told you to look. It happens and I'm over it.

I love how breastfeeding has given me confidence that I needed. I have gotten stares from people but all it made me want to do is squirt them with my booby gun. Breastfeeding has empowered me.

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